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Old 04-20-08, 06:32 AM
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Unhappy Problems in Encasing small implosions

Hi everyone!
I am trying to encase small implosions into a single encased pendant but, I am running into the same problem regardless of what I try.
1) When I encase each implosion, I end up with a thin visible boundary line at the interface between the implosion and the encasing clear (Most likely I am trapping a thin layer of air at the interface). I have found that the amount of heat required to remove the line (make the line coalesce into an air bubble?) is excessive, leading to distortion and movement of the implosions.
2) I often have difficulties in blending layers of encasing clear, especially when I am trying to fill crevices between the implosions. What I see is a line between the layers of clear (trapped air?). Again, in order to get rid of these lines, I need to apply too much heat and I end up with distorsion and movement of the implosions.

Any advice as to how I may be able to solve these problems?

Your help will be greatly appreciated!
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Old 04-20-08, 09:21 AM
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Trapped in the encasement

Hi Ginol,

I too had this same issue. I would first make a maria then set my colors for the implosion then do the implosion. I then would make a second maria and attempt to set that on the back of the finished implosion. This would do the same trapped line. I have changed my stratigy of doing this. after I finish the implosion I gather a large equally sized mass on another rod. I heat my implosion very hot to where I will be applying my backing (the large mass) since my mass is round and the bottom side of my implosion is now starting to become round from heating it while the mass is heated to the same color I press the two slowly together starting from the center point out. as it presses it will fuse and press the air out at the same time. The two must be heated thoroughly in order for the fusing to be complete and seamless.

I hope that made sense.
Good luck
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Old 04-09-09, 02:52 PM
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Hello Ginol,

To encase a small implosion without trapping any air pockets or leaving behind "a thin visible boundary line at the interface between the implosion and the encasing clear" try the following:

- Heat the implosion so that it is warm...Not so much that the pattern can become distorted when you apply the backing but hot enough that the clear(or color) adheres smoothly to the glass.

- Now heat your clear rod to the point where it becomes white hot...You want the clear to "flow" like honey. Slowly and carefully begin to gather the clear onto the back of your implosion. While doing this focus the flame on the clear rod and not the pattern. Do this until you have a gather on the back of your piece that matches the width of your front side. After this is accomplished you can use a wider flame to melt the two halves together.

If this is done carefully you can achieve an absolutely invisible seam between both halves!

Photo: Gathering ruby on the back of a piece for encasement...

Hope this helps
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