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Old 07-08-09, 12:20 PM
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Tutorials on Marble Making?

Is anyone aware of some good tutorials on marble making. I need to make some eyes for some metal sculptures I am working on which I currently just use plain marbles for. It would be great to custom make my own marble eyes for these. I do know how to do flamework already, just looking for some good techniques to form the inner pieces and the clear encasement.
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Old 07-08-09, 04:15 PM
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Pipyr <>

Pipyr has a real good tut on making eye cane. The cane comes out real cool. As far as making like a one inch marble that looks like an eye, I've been trying to do that on and off for 3 years and I'm not yet happy with anything I've made! Good luck.
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Old 04-10-10, 05:21 AM
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not sure if you are still looking for this info, but in order to make a 1" eye marble probably the best way would be to make your own murrine and pull it down to 1", then chop it into slices. I have the Townsend "Canework" vid which shows how to make eye cane, he pulls it down to about 1/4-1/2", stick and snap on to a sculpture then puts a clear glob over the top to lens it and they look great, same type of process could potentially be used for your application just so long as you only pulled the cane down to 1" instead of smaller.

If you are going for a human eye probably the easiest way to do these is to make a pupal/iris cane thats about 3/8" thick, chop into 1/4" lengths then build white around and behind it.
kind of like below but round heh
/ white \
| |cane = <--- this part is flat with a clear lens over it
\ white /
You want to round the white out but leave the visible cane chip flat and lens it with clear. The blood vessels in the eye are created using red yarn and a lacquer. This is basically how they make prosthetic eyes.

Upon thinking of this more, the cane is clear in the center, when you go to make the eye you weld the cane to a opaque black rod, chip off the cane to about 1/4" then weld clear to the front and melt/chip off all but about 1/8" of black, this adds depth to the eye. in the video i saw on this (i think it was a 'how its made' on discovery channel) the iris was created using some transparent colors thus further adding to the depth of the eye. the red yarn adds texture and a more natural look than drawing with stringers, though it could be done with stringer too.

Last edited by jackpotmonkey; 04-10-10 at 05:34 AM. Reason: other thoughts
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