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E-Glass Marble

E-glass marble is the main material for making E- glass fiber and super fine E-glass wool. Since E-glass is a kind of borosilicate glass and it is difficult to melt, E-glass marble is more difficult to make.

The types of E-glass marble furnace include regenerative horseshoe flame furnace, regenerative cross-fired kiln and recuperative unit kiln. The unit kiln can control the quality of the glass marble better. The glass marble produced by the cross-fired kiln is relatively good, but the melting area of the cross-fired kiln is too big and the semi-circular work end of the ball machine is limited, so it is seldom used. The horseshoe flame furnace is the preferred type for the glass marble production.

The sidewall structure is closely related to the selection of refractories. The ideal material is dense chrome brick, followed by dense zircon brick. When selecting the dense chrome brick, the sidewall can adopt multi-layer structure. However, both the two types of materials are quite expensive. Sometimes, silica brick is used, but its service life is too short and requires cooling.

The crown of the flame space has independent support. Between the hook bricks and the sidewall bricks, there are expansion joints. The gaps are filled with ceramic fiber or zirconite sealing materials. The hook brick can adopt silica brick. Silica brick is also used in the breast wall. Silica insulation brick and high alumina brick are used in the outer layer of the silica brick for insulation.

In the high temperature zone, fused cast AZS 33# block is used. The bridge brick of the doghouse and the spout brick adopt fused cast AZS 33# too. Between the AZS lock and silica brick, AZS ramming mass is filled.

The regenerator sidewall is divided into three sections. The lower section adopts fireclay bricks, the transition section high alumina bricks, and the upper section and the regenerator ballast silica bricks. The lower part of the chamber work uses dense fireclay bricks, the middle part high alumina bricks,and the upper part sintered AZS bricks.

Zhengzhou Sunrise is a refractory material supplier from China, offering high quality refractory materials for glass furnaces, including fused cast AZS block, fused cast alumina block, fused cast high zirconia block, mullite brick, zircon brick, alumina bubble brick, magnesia brick, sillimanite brick, corundum brick, low porosity fireclay brick, high alumina brick, all kinds of glass furnace ramming masses, etc..
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